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Year 7 Adviser

19 Sep 2022

At MVHS, we…

Attend school every day 

Arrive at school and class on time

Be prepared for every lesson

Actively participate in learning

Aspire and strive to achieve the highest standards of learning


It has been wonderful to see so many Year 7 students selected to receive merits for their excellence, respect and responsibility by their classroom teachers and, with the introduction of our new Merit system, being rewarded for this positive behaviour. Special mention goes to Korbin Orchard who has been an exemplary student and received his reward of a voucher. Congratulations Korbin, I look forward to seeing others follow his path.

This term, students have had Assessment Tasks to complete and schedules to follow. I would like to highlight a few of our Year 7 students and give recognition to them for their consistent hard work towards the completion of their work. It gives me great pleasure to see students striving towards achieving their personal best and then see them celebrate their success. The following images of students and their work demonstrates the skills they have learnt and what they are capable of achieving even when in the beginning they may have never thought they could.