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Academic Enrichment

Inside the Enrichment Classroom

The Academic Enrichment Program Update is released at the end of each term. This short newsletter provides parents and community with an insight into what is happening in our Year 7 and Year 8 enrichment classrooms. 

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Term 1, 2024


Academic Enrichment Program

At Mount View High School, we recognise that students can display potential in different ways, which might be one or more of the following domains:

        ·  Intellectual

        ·  Social/Emotional

        ·  Creative

        ·  Physical

We are committed to identifying students with high potential and creating a personalised and responsive learning environment. Our Academic Enrichment program is designed to challenge and extend students in all four domains of potential and aims to equip students with the competencies needed to be successful life-long learners. 

Targeted Students

Children who are suited to the Academic Enrichment program typically display the following qualities:

   ● An exceptional love of learning

   ● A growth mindset

   ● Capacity to plan and work independently and        collaboratively to achieve a goal

   ● Capacity to reflect on their learning progress

Application Process

To assess suitability for the Academic Enrichment class, a variety of evidence is used including:

     ·  the results of a general ability test

     ·  presentation of work samples at an interview

     ·  Primary school recommendation. 

To apply for the year 7 Academic Enrichment class, year 6 students need to submit an application form that can be found in the links below. Applicants who are not successful in gaining placement in the Academic Enrichment class may be offered opportunities to take part in the extra-curricular enrichment activities at Mount View High School.

1. Application Letter

2. Interview Process