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Non-Compulsory Excursions Policy

Mount View High School has a strong tradition of academic, creative, and performing arts and sporting success. The school has a broad, balanced, and relevant curriculum that is supported through extracurricular opportunities for our students. Externally based extra-curricular activities that are not directly related to curriculum-based assessment or course outcomes are known as Non-Compulsory Excursions.

A non-compulsory school excursion refers to an optional trip or outing organised by Mount View High School, where participation is not mandatory for students. These excursions are typically educational or recreational in nature, aiming to provide students with experiences outside the regular academic curriculum. Students have the choice to opt in to these excursions.

The staff, community and students at Mount View High School expect students who represent the school to meet published behavioural expectations, attendance expectations and to consistently wear correct school uniform. The linked policy clearly articulates the minimum standard and requirements that students need to meet in relation to behavioural, attendance and the wearing of school uniform.