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GP Clinic

Mount View High School GP Clinic

The GP clinic commenced operation at Mount View High School in Term 4 2019 with an aim to provide barrier free access to health care for students in Year 11 and 12. The clinic operates on a Wednesday on odd school weeks between 8.30am and 12pm and then on a Tuesday, even weeks, between 9.00am and 12pm. Students must have made a booking via the HOTDOCs app to attend amongst other requirements.

The team that run the GP clinic are pictured right. Nicole Payne, the GP is centre, Nurse Jip is in the blue far right and Cindy Jeffery the Practice Manager from Allways Health Care is on the left. Dr David Jones is the GP for odd week bookings (not pictured) and Dr Nicole Payne runs attends to even week bookings.

There are a number of policy documents relating to the clinic operation. 

1. MVHS GP clinic Access Policy

2. Patient Rights and Responsibilities

3. Privacy Policy

4. Appointment System

5. MVHS GP Pre-Screen