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Year 11 Adviser

I wanted to communicate in this edition of The View an important reminder to everyone that Term 3 marks the end of Year 11 courses. When we return in Term 4, students will start their HSC coursework and we have lots of activities to support students as they move into their final year of study. At home, carers can support students by organising learning materials and course notes. It may be time to invest in new books, extra loose leaf paper, updating any broken folders and purchasing new highlighters. If this is not possible and additional resources are needed, please come and have a chat with me. Remember to store (not in a rubbish bin) Year 11 coursework as this is assumed knowledge for many HSC courses and may require revisiting. 

I must say many of our year group look great in their senior jumpers. The second round orders are being processed and should arrive at school early in Term 4. I will notify students through the Google classroom as soon as they arrive.

I commend students on their approach to end of course examinations. This is the first time students have experienced a formal exam week. At the end of it, take some time to reflect on your achievements and rest. Have a lovely break and focus on self care so you return feeling refreshed and ready to do your personal best next term.