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Deputy Principal - Years 10 & 11

Year 10

Year 10 have had the opportunity to engage in many events and activities over the past term including Love Bites Wellbeing project, Snow Excursion, Academic pursuits and Cultural experiences. The adventure continues into Term Four with their Careers Camp which has been thoroughly organised for Week 6 of Term 4, where over 70 students will be attending organised activities over three days. Students who have not opted into this experience are required to attend school where a number of guest speakers, career opportunities and activities have also been organised.

Year 11

Year 11 continue to shine bright at Mount View High School as they have just completed their Yearly Examinations and are preparing to commence their final HSC Year effective Term Four Monday 10th October. On this day, our fabulous Careers, Learning and Support, and Wellbeing Team have organised a Year 12 Orientation Day for all of our new Year 12 students who will be graduating 2023. It is imperative that all students attend this day as we will be covering vital information and organisation such as Assessment Schedules, Time Management, Organisation, Wellbeing and Learning Support, Career interventions and opportunities as well as Team Bonding Activities.

Message for all Year 10 and 11 students

Congratulations to our new Senior Leaders which have started their roles and responsibilities with flying colours. Year 10… it will be your time soon. Start thinking about nominating and putting yourself forward for next year to leave a mark on the school and continue to assist MVHS in achieving our high expectations and opportunities for all to thrive.

It is imperative that you stay on top of your assessments and classwork N Determinations will result if poor attendance and non completion of assessments occurs. Treat each and every day as an opportunity to do your best, chase your dreams and be the best you can be. Start every day with a positive attitude… Win the morning and Win the day! If you need any support, please seek out the extensive supports that MVHS has to offer.

Attendance Matters

Unfortunately, COVID, influenza and general sickness and ill-health continues to affect our attendance at school. Over the past term, Year 10 have an average of 83% attendance, and Year 11 have an average of 82%. We know and understand that times can be difficult with regards to sickness, but it is still important for us to attend school when and where possible. The BaSE Roadmap demonstrates the effects of non-attendance on learning and as a school, we are striving towards over 90% attendance after taking into consideration the effects of COVID, influenza and other general sickness and ill-health.

I encourage families and students to continue to maintain contact and communication with myself and students Year Advisors (Mrs Bendall - Year 10; Mrs Lisa Hunt - Year 11), as well as our two wonderful Head Teacher Wellbeing, Mr Dibben - Year 10; and Mrs Scheffler - Year 11) if there are any concerns or questions regarding student wellbeing and extended absences.

Faculty Recap and Thank you.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate a few of our staff and faculties for their efforts and commitment to student learning and achieving outcomes to a high standard for our students, whilst also creating extensive opportunities for staff and students to succeed.

HSIE: Mrs Collier will be taking maternity leave from Term Four. I’d like to sincerely thank her for the time and effort that she has put into relieving as Head Teacher HSIE and filling the big Shoes of Mr Hamilton as he moved into the permanent Deputy Principal role. We wish you all the best of luck and hope you enjoy your time with your family and new little bundle of joy. A massive thanks to the HSIE faculty for their continued efforts and to Mrs Bailey who will be relieving as Head Teacher next term.

PDHPE: A massive shout out to Mrs Burke and congratulations on her efforts, time and hard work in finally having the new outdoor gym completed and officially open for student and staff engagement. Mrs Burke has sourced funding and engaged community support for this new initiative to be implemented at MVHS. MVHS Outdoor Gym

HT Administration: A big thankyou to Mr Thompson for his dedication and time in not only relieving as Head Teacher Administration over the past few weeks, but also for the time and hard work that he consistently applies each and every da in the background that allows our for our school to continue to thrive and run successfully each and every day and year. We really appreciate your time and effort.

HT Wellbeing; Wellbeing is an integral part of MVHS for our students, staff and community. Mrs Scheffler and Mr Dibben continue to work hard in developing this area to be bigger and better each and every day. It is a pleasure to see their dedication to our school and watch the Wellbeing Team grow stronger each and every day.

Futures and Employment Pathways Program: I believe that MVHS is extremely lucky and blessed to have such dedicated and enthusiastic educators and advisors as Mrs Knipe and Mrs Ambrum. Together, this dynamic duo go above and beyond to support our senior students (including Year 10) in attaining credentials and opportunities to succeed both at school and in the workforce. This year, we have been fortunate to be able to increase support for our students with the inclusion of the EPP program where Mrs Grieve and Mrs Forbes have joined the team to complement and add further support with additional programs and community connections. Although not necessarily part of this team, I would also like to thank Miss Schafer for all of her support for not only myself, but also our Year 10 and 11 students who may need extra time and organisation with regards to assessments and classwork.

Mount View High School continues to be a great place to be where all are valued in an inclusive and engaging learning environment. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable break and I look forward to seeing you all back rested and relaxed for our final term of the year.