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Science and Agriculture

09 Nov 2021

Firstly, a massive good luck to our Year 12 HSC students who start their final examinations this week!

Year 11 are really trying to fill your shoes (but have still a way to go yet!)

I must address the elephant in the room....lockdowns and learning from home! Man... did that pose us all some worries. Once again, our students, their families and our staff rose to the challenge and, while there were lots of things that were problematic, there were also some rays of joy and sunlight. Our students learnt a great deal about themselves and how they learn. It gives me immense pleasure to share with you some of the fantastic work done by our students during this time.

As we move through the remainder of the year, here is a little snapshot of the things our students will be engaged in:

Stage 4 – Year 7 and Year 8 will be learning about the Earth and Environmental Science, discovering the structure of the Earth and its position in Space and Australia’s resources and how to conserve them.

Stage 5 – Year 9 will be completing learning programs such as 9.2 Physics – Communication, all about waves like sound and light. Year 10 will be completing a range of practical work to catch up on some of the missed practical time through learning from home. Both year groups will then choose some interest-based projects for Weeks 9 – 11 to round the year out.

If I don’t see you, have a wonderful Christmas and summertime break.

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