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Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

05 Nov 2021

It has been so nice to see all of the smiling student faces back in the classroom the past few weeks. Thank you to the parents and carers who supported the students with home learning, thank you to the students for engaging with home learning and thank you to the teachers who prepared valuable lessons throughout this time.

Sport and physical activity restrictions have limited our choices with practical activities, however the students have been very understanding and we appreciate how flexible and mature they have been in practical lessons. 

Year 7 PDHPE

During online learning, Year 7 has been looking at the importance of a nutritious diet and how to keep themselves safe during the Australian summer. The focus in Term 3 was nutrition. During this unit students learnt how to understand what nutrients are in the food they eat and make informed choices. This term we have started to study the unit Summer Fun. This teaches students about the safety measures they can take in a variety of different water environments as well as how to protect themselves from the dangers of the sun. Congratulations to all students whohave remained engaged during the course of online learning; your hard work has not gone unnoticed.


Year 8 PDHPE

During online learning, Year 8 looked at the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The focus in Term 3 was around the importance and benefits of physical activity and investigating the types and styles of exercise that can improve fitness. This term we have started to study what a healthy diet looks like and how to ensure you get adequate nutrition through making healthy food choices. Congratulations to all students who have remained engaged during the course of online learning; your hard work has not gone unnoticed. A range of home workouts were provided to students during practical lessons to help keep them active and moving regularly.

Year 9 PDHPE

During online learning, Year 9 have been engaged to a good standard completing or attempting most activities. Congratulations to the students who have been trying their best to complete set tasks. The theory unit we have studied has been sexual health and coming into term 4 we have started a unit on diversity. Practical activities included a series of home-based workouts and challenges designed to keep students active and engaged. 

9 and 10 PASS

Students have engaged in a series of workouts and challenges with the aim to develop students skills across various home based circuit activities. Students have had to be self motivated to complete these activities and I congratulate all for their persistence and positive attitude towards completing these set workouts.  

9 and 10 PASS Footy

In Term 4 Year 9 and 10 PASS Football are learning about Improving Performance. Students have been developing an understanding of the different classifications of a training cycle as well as specific training programs for certain sports. In practical lessons, students have been establishing a base of knowledge and skills that will encourage and enhance their capacity to participate in Flag Football.

Year 10 PDHPE

During online learning, Year 10 learnt about the importance and benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Students looked into various types of training and the positive effects each type of training has on different sports. They have also looked at the many benefits of physical activity on each aspect of an individuals health whilst practicing some extended response type questions. This term we have looked at the various levels of health care system in Australia and the benefits associated with each level. We will finish off theory lessons this term by completing Project 10 and preparing students for their interviews. Congratulations to all students who completed class work during such tough times.

11 SLR

In Term 4 SLR started the HSC with online learning. They have been learning about how to promote a healthy lifestyle. As students return to school we are very excited to start our new unit net games. 


In Term 4 PDHPE started the HSC with online learning. They have been learning about sports medicine and how demands of specific athletes can be different. As students return to school we are very excited to see their progress and build upon some great AT3 results from last term. 


The HSC course has begun with Core 1: Resource Management. Students have been working hard on their IRP (Independent Research Project) which is due at the end of Term 4. Engagement during remote learning was excellent and I would like to congratulate the girls for their efforts during this difficult learning time.

12 SLR: Congratulations Yr 12 SLR for successfully completing your AT4 and along with it, your coaching certificate. Wishing the SRL cohort all the best in the upcoming HSC exams and in all their sporting pursuits. 


Students have been revising syllabus content, multiple choice questions and short and extended responses from past papers. Their motivation levels and drive have been exceptional throughout remote learning. I would like to wish Yr12 the very best for their HSC examination. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching this fabulous group of students through their senior years.


Year 12 students were engaged in revision activities via the Google classroom and commenced modified trail exams during online learning. They have been working hard since completion of the trial participating in practice exams during term 4 onsite at school. Goodluck Year 12 on your upcoming HSC CAFS exam. Well done on all your dedication and hard work during the past few months.

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