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Hello from the Wellbeing Team! Once again, we have been very busy and are delighted to share with you some of the events students have attended over these past few weeks.

Do It For Dolly Day 2024 - Mount View High School continues to be a beacon of support for such an important cause. Every contribution, whether through conversations, acts of kindness, or fundraising efforts, plays a significant role in fostering a culture of empathy and compassion at Mount View High School. This year we raised $406.00 by selling cupcakes, painting nails and colouring hair for donations. Our commitment to creating a kinder environment sets a powerful example for others to follow. 

My School Rules: This year’s annual cooking competition was a very rewarding event! Students had the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones, work under pressure, and explore new ingredients and flavours. This event is a great way to inspire students to pursue culinary interests in the future. On this day, Mount View High School and Cessnock High School had a successful and enriching competition.

The Mother's day breakfast at Mount View High School is a cherished tradition that brings the school community together to celebrate mothers and carers. Events like these not only honour the important role that mothers and carers play in students' lives but also provide an opportunity for appreciation and connection. 

Another fantastic collaboration between the Wellbeing team and the Year 12 students was the BBQ at the athletics carnival. Not only was delicious food provided for everyone attending but this also served as a fantastic fundraising opportunity for the Year 12 gift. $600 was raised—an incredible achievement that speaks to the generosity and support within the school community.