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Science and Agriculture

Year 7 Science have been investigating food webs across a variety of environments. Ms Groves’ 7E put their knowledge into practise as they constructed food webs of lolly animals.

Year 8 Agriculture continue to maintain their own vegetable garden with hopes of bountiful harvests of carrots, snow peas, lettuce and radish by the end of term. Year 8 Science have been incredibly busy completing both their end of year exams in addition to VALID8 testing within the first four weeks. Now, Year 8 will begin their investigation into resource management with a focus on the advantages and limitations of renewable and non-renewable resources.

Year 9 Science began to investigate the ways in which the world communicates by researching the properties of sound and light energy. Ms Groves 9B3 analysed the path taken by light rays when reflecting and refracting off various materials.


Year 10 Agriculture have been developing their skills in tractor driving and undertaking biosecurity measures on the farm.

Senior Biology students have been exploring the benefits and limitations of models when comparing and contrasting DNA in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.