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10 Nov 2022

As 2022 comes to an end we start to look forward to what 2023 has to offer. As you settle into the summer break, it's a good opportunity to relax with some games and activities. We recommend playing card games (fish, rummy, 500, euchre, etc), as familiarity with cards is helpful for solving probability problems and most family board games support deductive reasoning and critical thinking.

MVHS has a new portal to purchase school supplies. The Mathematics faculty recommend that students start the year with 2 A4 books (minimum 128 pages), and a pencil case with multiple pens and pencils, an eraser, sharpener and ruler. A geometry set is not an essential purchase as we supply these materials when infrequently required. Then additionally a calculator is important for all mathematics work. While any scientific calculator is acceptable, we recommend students purchase either a Casio (fx-100AU plus) or a SHARP (EL-531TH), both are pictured here. The Sharp is cheaper, which is why we recommend it for junior years. Most of the advanced features aren’t required until senior years. The Casio is the more advanced device and more suited to students in senior years of study particularly for students attempting advanced or extension courses. Again, it is not essential to purchase one of these specific devices, any scientific calculator will suffice, however, we support and encourage the use of these two devices which are NESA approved for the HSC. Unfortunately, only the Casio is available through the new COS purchasing portal (via the MVHS website), however, the Sharp is available (at cost) from the school, usually around $18.

New classes will begin in 2023 and if you would like any information about courses, assessment or anything Mathematics related, I am happy to speak to you at anytime.