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Deputy Principal - Years 10 & 11

10 Nov 2022

Year 12 2023 have now officially commenced their HSC and Year 12 pattern of study and have settled in well to their academic studies. This was prefaced with their Year 11 Principal’s Assembly earlier this term.

It is important to note that Year 12 2023 students' patterns of study may vary from student to student, depending on their current circumstances. Some students are engaged in partial Distance Education, other may have SBAT’s or T as part of their education, whilst others have a decreased workload for various reasons.

Across Year 11, students are expected to complete at least 12 units of study, which ideally can be taken through into Year 12 and the completion of their HSC. However, in Year 12, students only require 10 units of study to complete their HSC. Essentially, this means that students need at least five subjects to be studied across Year 12. If a student wishes to ‘drop’ a subject, they will need to follow a lengthy process which will involve a discussion with myself, Mrs Knipe and parents/carers so that they understand the process and possible consequences of their choices.

Year 10 have now completed their Yearly examinations and assessments, and are moving on to participate in and complete upcoming events and all of these come with expectations which I'm sure will be met.

Week 6 will see the majority of Year 10 on Careers Camp in Sydney, with those opting out to complete Careers based education at school.

In Week 7, Project 10 commences, which is an essential process for Year 10 to develop their interview skills and is an authentic assessment process.

It is important to note, that all Year 10 students must complete All My Own Work, assessments, and Minimum Standards Testing, as well as redeem N Awards, to receive their Year 10 Record of School Achievement (ROSA) and move on to HSC studies in Year 11 and 12. 

Attendance Matters

Celebrating improvements…

Over the past term, Year 10 have improved their average attendance by 5% up to 88%, and Year 11 have an improved average percentage of 3%, up to 85%. We know and understand that times can be difficult with sickness, but it is still important to attend school when possible. The BaSE Roadmap demonstrates the effects of non-attendance on learning and as a school, we are striving towards over 90% attendance after taking into consideration the effects of COVID, influenza and other general sickness and ill-health.

I encourage families and students to continue to maintain contact and communication with myself and student's Year Advisors, as well as our two Head Teachers Wellbeing if there are any concerns.