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Human Society and It's Environment

07 Dec 2021

The HSIE faculty at Mount View High School are proud partners with Newcastle University and welcome training teachers into our community. We currently have five training teachers that have been appearing in students’ classrooms where they have experienced a range of teaching styles and innovative approaches to learning.

Year 7 Language with Miss Blanch

Students completed film posters on the Isle of Dogs. This film engages Japanese culture through the use of haiku poetry, samurai, sumo, sento, anime, architecture, traditional dress and sashimi.

Students who completed their posters contributed to a classroom origami art installation. Students made butterflies to represent growth and transformation. We decided on a butterfly motif as they represent how we grow and transform our appreciation of culture through the study of language. 

Year 9 Geography with Ms Amos and Mr Boss

Mr Boss from the Newcastle University has been working with Mrs Amos to develop Geographic skills in mapping and analysing the location.

Year 9 History Mystery and Conspiracies with Ms Herringe

Year 9 History Elective students created children’s books on their choice of an ancient, medieval or modern society. Lachlan Martin’s creative design ideas were outstanding in his book on Japan under the rule of the Shoguns. It included a range of tactile elements including pull out and pop out sections.

Year 10 History Mysteries and Conspiracies with Mrs Bailey and Miss Latter

Year 10 HMC have been researching experiments conducted on people throughout history. One group imagined how the court case would have been done for Josef Mengele and performed it for their class.

Year 10 Geography with Miss Redfern and Miss Latter.

10HSI3 have been examining all the facets of Human Wellbeing. To put this knowledge into practice, they have designed a ‘Utopian City’ that promotes health and wellbeing for its residents. Pictured below is Hailwood Westra, Jess Donovan and Maddison Durrington working, designing and creating their cities. 

Year 8 Geography with Mrs Bailey

8 Beta has been busy looking at the unit Interconnections. As part of this the class has looked at companies and brands that are recognised around the world. One activity that students really enjoyed was designing their own Nike shoes.

Year 7 Geography with Mrs Collier, Miss Mansour and Mr Armstrong

On Thursday and Friday of Week 8, Mrs Collier, along with Miss Mansour and Mr Armstrong from Newcastle University, conducted  fieldwork with Year 7.

This involved the creation of a variety of stations for students to move between to make observations of the weather. The stations include GPS for locating Mount View High using latitude and longitude coordinates, anemometers to measure wind speed and direction, thermometers to measure temperature, a rain gauge to measure rainfall (did you know, on Friday 26.11.2021 that Cessnock had received 69% of the average rainfall for November by 10am?) and also making general weather observations such as cloud cover, rainfall, presence of wind, humidity and heat.

A big thank you to Miss Mansour, Mr Armstrong, Mr Boss and Mr Hillier from Newcastle University for supporting students with their Fieldwork on Friday morning. 

Year 10 Commerce with Mrs Hunt and Mr Hiller

Mrs Hunt has Mr Hiller from Newcastle University and Year 10 Commerce has been looking at employment futures and work. The students have been taken through the rights and responsibilities at work, the Workplace Health and Safety Act, the importance of award wages and how they are implemented as well as awards, contracts and enterprise agreements.

Students were also involved in a case study on wage theft, and the case brought to the Fair Work commission by the McKell Institute and how it impacted wages and job opportunities on the north coast of NSW around the Coffs Harbour region. Students investigated and designed advertisements based around the information gathered in previous lessons, with award wages, penalty rates and other information needed to design an authentic looking poster that would entice not only the backpackers traveling in the region they chose, but also allow the locals to see that wages were reasonable enough for them to be able to work and get a fair day's pay.

End of term fun in the HSIE faculty- Christmas around the world

In Geography our Stage 4 and Stage 5 students will be finish the term looking at how different nationalities celebrate the festive season from around the world. As students learn about spatial locations, traditions and connections they will be engaged in research, craft and visual design to display their newfound knowledge. After weeks of home schooling it will be wonderful to have students collaborating and working on this faculty initiative. 

Year 7 will be focusing on Christmas in Ukraine with 7S and the folklore Christmas tale of the spider. They will be making some Christmas spider craft to create a multi-media board to display in the HSIE faculty.

Year 8 will be investigating Christmas in Austria and the folklore around Krampus, the counterpart to St Nicholas. They will be colouring in some masks and designing an Australian version of Krampus.

Year 9 will be investigating the extremely long Spanish holiday season. They will be creating a colourful visual representation of the Cavalcade of Magi, a famous parade that celebrates the Three Wise Men.