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Deputy Principal Years 7 & 11

07 Dec 2021

And just like that...the year is over. Firstly, can I express what an absolute joy and immense privilege it has been to be the Deputy Principal at Mount View High School for 2021. Mount View always had a good reputation, but to be here, work here and live, breathe and be witness to the amazing young people and staff has been an honour.

A message for Year 7

There has been some amazing work produced by Year 7 students this term as evidence further in The View. Students in Visual Arts have been highly creative, designing amazing skate decks, English has been busy learning about intertextuality, identifying characters and ideas seen in texts. Students all over the school have been showing their amazing talents including Ella Fairhall who recently competed in the the NSW/ACT state Auscylcing competition. Ella achieved 3rd place in the “Cruiser” category and 4th place in the “20”” inch division. Congratulations, Ella. Other students are demonstrating their talents in other ways, such as Jackson Kilmurray with his anime drawing (below) and Maliyan Donovan whose art work has been kindly donated by him to be utilised in various forms in the school (including the 2021 Amarookoba award certificates).

As Year 7 students first year of high school wraps up I hope they take the time to reflect on what this year has provided. Many opportunities for growth and development, an expansion of knowledge and learning new concepts, meeting new friends, perhaps (sadly) saying goodbye to old ones. As students move into Year 8 in 2022, they should be encouraged to think back on what they liked about school and the positive actions they took to make it a better place for themselves and others. They should build on this in 2022 and focus on what they can control. How will they, in 2022, keep learning, connect, take notice, give, and be active? Always remember...happiness is a state of mind.

Year 11 (2021-2022 Year 12)

Year 11 have moved across to their HSC studies and are well underway. All subjects would have completed an assessment task and it is vital that students align their marked work with the marking criteria and implement the feedback provided by their teachers. The December and January holidays should not be a complete break from learning. It is important that time is used to ensure all course notes are complete, checked off against each syllabus, generating study summaries and preparing/organising for 2022. There should, of course, be time for relaxing, rejoicing and recharging. It’s all about balance. 

When we return there has been an Elevate session organised for February 16, 2022. This will be an invaluable session for students to gain skills and understanding in goal setting, preparation and organisation for effective study and academic success. In addition, UAC will be coming to speak with the students later in February. 

To the whole school community, I wish you happiness and joy this festive season and am confident that 2022 will bring us a better year. Stay safe and look after each other.